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Blanc Blanc

BLANC BLANC Aubecols caramel tip gel & Aurora heart tip stand

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The best product for attaching tips to nail tip stands! 

Blanc Blanc made Aubecols caramel tip gel 

Great adhesion, can be reused multiple times and so easy to use! 

the tip won't move even when you are filing and sanding 

*remove packing sheet on heart stand with tweezers

How to use 

1.Apply caramel tip gel to nail tip stand 
2.Cure for 30-60 seconds (for high wattage lamps cure for 30 seconds)
3.Apply nail tip (If it becomes less sticky over time - wipe with alcohol to increase adhesion again) 

Caramel tip gel - 10g tube

Aurora heart tip stand size 4.2 x 4.2 cm