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DIAMI Baby bear gra #15-s

DIAMI Baby bear gra #15-s

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Pink Baby Bear Gra



  • Gel & Gradation brush

Cylindrical brush for easy gradation

This is a brush for gradient art.
Its size is suitable for any natural nail, and has the comfortable angle for hands providing great visibility. It's easy to make gradation, and it's especially good for two-tones.

Its hair is not too hard but its edges are sharply alive, so the gel will not be wiped when tapped lightly as it has such elasticity. It is possible to cover even the side of the nail, creating a dense gradation.

Anyone can use it comfortably, and the brush retaining power is long.

Suitable for gradation art.
Excellent match with DIAMI gel.

Pink Baby Bear Gra figure

Total Length 16cm

Hair Length 1.2cm