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DIAMI Cylinder art #6

DIAMI Cylinder art #6

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  • Pink Cylinder Art




    Glitter Brush

Glitter brush to be used with Shine Easy

It’s suitable for using color gels.

It is a brush with a plump cylindrical shape.The cylinder's own voluminous feature allows you to add glitter to your nails.
If the brush hair is long, it is difficult to control the force.
If the elasticity is strong, the hair itself is rough.
It has a moderate sense of length and elasticity, so it is suitable for applying glitter to nails and brushing off.
Shine Easy Glitter brush.

Perfect for marble art and shine images.

Total Length 15cm

Hair Length 9mm

DIAMI brushConsidering the structure of natural and synthetic nails,
DIAMI brush is designed with the perfect flow of the brush.

We use high-quality hair for the brush.
It’s delicately designed for beginners to use easily.