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DIAMI Gra Flat #14

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Gra Flat



  • lat Square Brush for Gel & Paint

Wide and long brush with a flat square shape

It’s a very comfortable brush to use colored gels.
It’s longer and hairier than the existing No. 8 square long brush.
It’s perfect for applying one-coat or gradation with a pony gel.
With the elasticity of the soft brush hair without being too hard, the gel does not wipe away but creates a natural gradation when lightly brushed.

As it has the right width, length, and elasticity, you can use the color gel comfortably, and the brush retaining power is long.
It is easy to use for various tasks especially when organizing lines as well as a full-cover that closely adheres to the cuticle and side.

Suitable for gradation arts.
Perfect match with OH!VER gel.

Gra Flat figure

DIAMI brushConsidering the structure of natural and synthetic nails,
DIAMI brush is designed with the perfect flow of the brush.

We use high-quality hair for the brush.
It’s delicately designed for beginners to use easily.