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DIAMI Oval long #7

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Pink Oval Long





    Oval brush for both Gel & Paint

Wide and long oval brush with a gentle round shape that resembles a cuticle.

It is a very comfortable brush to use colored gels.
It is longer and hairier than the existing No. 5 gel overlay brush.
It is perfect for applying a gel smooth tint and gradation.

With the amount, tension, and length of brush hair that contains DIAMI’s own expertise, full cover, line arrangement, and art are all possible with sophisticated and detailed work.
Thanks to the hand-made work for the delicate front line following the cuticle line, you can use the color gel very comfortably and the brush retaining power is long.

Suitable for Ponygello full coat art and clear gel styles.

Total Length 15cm

Hair Length 9mm

DIAMI brushConsidering the structure of natural and synthetic nails,
DIAMI brush is designed with the perfect flow of the brush.

We use high-quality hair for the brush.
It’s delicately designed for beginners to use easily.