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DIAMI Short liner #10

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Short Liner





    Liner brush for both Gel & Paint.

Line brush with a short sense of length and elasticity.

You can use it for thin detailed lines,
when drawing various lengths of line art.
The brush hair is highly condensed, preventing it from spreading out and keeping its sharp shape.
With such traits of the brush hair, it can hold enough gel inside for anyone to use it easily.

IIt is bit thinner and shorter than the existing No. 9 Long Liner Brush.
The lines are not staggered and the elasticity of the hair is excellent which is perfect for character art, border line art, and delicate writing.

Suitable for curved line art!

Total Length 14.2cm

Hair Length 6.5mm

DIAMI brushConsidering the structure of natural and synthetic nails,
DIAMI brush is designed with the perfect flow of the brush.

We use high-quality hair for the brush.
It’s delicately designed for beginners to use easily.