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gentle pink

GENTLE PINK First step nail repair solution - 5ml bonus roll-on included

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Use on natural nails or under gel before application to protect nail 

Quick absorption - premium formula 


15ml pipette glass bottle + 5ml bonus roll-on bottle 

-apply after soak-off to restore nutrients 

-use in place of cuticle remover 

-prevents heat spikes if applied before gel application 

-apply to cuticle and nails after gel application 

how to use (before gel application)

-apply 1 drop per nail

-massage into nail & air dry for 60 seconds 

-apply prep, bonder & base gel as per usual 


Biotin, Lysozyme Beta-glucan

Hydrolyzed Collagen, Sodium Hyaluronate,

Rosa Damascena Flower Water,

Centella Asiatic Extract